St Clair Cottage

Welcome to St Clair Cottage

St Clair Cottage, Pierowall, Westray, Orkney an easy access, warm cottage, in the village, by the shore, restored with a guest + carer in mind but magic and relaxing for all.

We have restored St Clair Cottage for us when we need it ... (hopefully not for a bit, but you never know) and with our friend Emma in mind. We met Emma when she came to live at Kalisgarth (the Westray care Home) She had a wicked sense of humour and her memory was alternative. She also knew definitely what she wanted. She loved her window in Kalisgarth with its view of the bay; so we have tried to concentrate on what Emma would it’s warm, homely, fun, easy to move around, and has captivating views which change with the tides, the boats, the birds and the weather.

What else might you like...?

  • The attention to detail for the important Carer as well.
  • It’s unmedical feel.
  • The level garden with rubber path, plenty of flowers & a raised bed, and a beautiful garden next door.
  • Life in Westray on the doorstep.
  • Well stocked, friendly, helpful shops
  • It is in Pierowall within 5/10 minutes level walk of the hotel, galleries, Heritage Centre, shops, cafe, swimming pool, excellent play park, yet because it is set down by the shore it is quiet.
  • Dear Dogs
  • Lots more to discover.